Spiritual Retreat to India

New dates for 2019/2020 to be confirmed

Please contact me if you are interested in this retreat so I can let you know when the next one will be held.

Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham Ashram, India

Is this retreat for you?

  • Are you curious about yourself and feel a desire to grow?
  • Do you want to explore your spiritual side in an environment where this is totally natural?
  • Are you looking for renewal or change in your personal or professional life?
  • Or do you simply feel drawn to this retreat and are open to experience what it can offer to you?

If any of these strike a chord, then follow your heart and join us on this journey.

New discoveries and treasures await – outer and inner!

About the retreat

Haidakhan Babaji ashram, Gufa side, divine mother temples

The focal point of the retreat is Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, an ashram where I have spent much time in recent years. It's been such a gift in my life, I love sharing this with others who would like to travel as part of a small group, be supported in their inner process by an experienced coach and facilitator and have all the organisational hassle taken care of.


Haidakhan is located in a remote part of the Himalayan foothills on the bank of the river Gautami Ganga. On the surface, Haidakhan is a very simple place, much time is spent outdoors as life revolves around the stunning riverbed and steep hills rising from it. The facilities are very basic and invite us to look beyond what our eyes can see and watch more deeply from within our hearts. Like veils lifting, we can then experience the magic of this place: the home of Shri Babaji, in Hindu mythology an incarnation of Sambasadashiva, the aspect of Shiva which is always in union with the divine mother.

The sense of grace and peace in Haidakhan is so tangible you can almost touch them. This energy is a huge accelerator for connecting deeply with who we really are and stepping out of habitual thought, behaviour and physical patterns into more presence, choice and open energy flow.

Our stay in Haidakhan will conclude with Navaratri, the festival of nine nights in honour of the divine mother, with ancient vedic fire ceremonies and special pujas being held every day. A day during Navaratri can seem like many years of personal growth in ‘normal’ life!

“Truth, Simplicity and Love”

When Babaji was in a physical body, his teaching was ‘Truth, Simplicity, Love’. He also emphasised ‘Service to humanity’ and encouraged everyone to follow the religion of their heart, but never to place religion (or any dogma) above humanity. Every part of this trip has been carefully chosen to support our exploration of these teachings and help receive the valuable gifts they can offer to each one of us. For example, during our travels, we will stay in Indian middle class hotels rather than exclusive five star properties for foreigners and wealthy Indians. Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone and while you might feel challenged at times, you will be in very safe hands.

Transformational retreat sessions with me

In addition to following the Ashram practices of chanting, pujas (ceremonies), karma yoga, we will have two longer structured retreat sessions as a group during our stay in Haidakhan, one at the beginning and one towards the end. There is also an optional check in each day in case you would like to connect with the group. I will tailor the facilitated retreat sessions to the needs of the participants, drawing from a rich repertoire of healing and transformational modalities, including breathwork, constellations, guided meditations and creative work. Scroll down for more details on the content of sessions planned for this retreat.

My approach to transformational work is deeply informed by my own healing journeys and trainings. Regardless of the specific techniques or modalities I tried or trained in, and the teachers I’ve been graced to learn from, at the core of what I learnt is the importance of the connection to our inner self, the voice in our hearts which guides and speaks with wisdom and unconditional love. The purpose of my work is to support others in finding or deepening the relationship with their inner self in order to lead inspired, authentic lives in full knowledge and embodiment of their divine essence.


Dates, prices and detailed information

Dates: to be confirmed (approximately 19 days)


Price depends on group size (maximum group size 8 participants):

  • Up to 3 participants: £1,250 (British Pounds) / €1,400 (Euros) per person
  • Price from 4 participants: £1,008 (British Pounds) / €1,150 (Euros) per person

Included in retreat itinerary:

  • 2 nights shared accommodation in Delhi

  • Return train journey Delhi - Haldwani

  • 1 night shared accommodation in Haldwani

  • Shopping trip for Indian clothes for Ashram

  • Taxi Haldwani – Haidakhan and return

  • 15 nights at Ashram including lunch

  • 1-day hike to local Mount Kailash

  • Trip organisation, accompaniment and personal transformation support from me



Excluded but available at extra charge:

  • Accommodation in single room (in Delhi/Haldwani only - all Ashram accommodation is dormitory style)
  • Ayurvedic treatments (available at the Ashram hospital during Navaratri)
  • Additional snacks and meals

How to book (once retreat dates are set)

If this retreat is calling you - and you will know if it is - please use this convenient booking form!

And if you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!


Booking terms: Half of the trip cost is due when booking to confirm your space on the retreat. The remainder is due five weeks before departure (by 22nd February 2019). Please book as early as possible to ensure your place and avoid an additional charge.


If there is still space on the trip, late bookings will incur the following additional fees:

·      From 15th January 2019: 10% of trip cost

·      From 15th February 2019: 15% of trip cost

Day-by-day itinerary and content of retreat sessions

Day 0: Travel to India

Day 1: Arrival in Delhi, optional sightseeing/shopping depending on your arrival time, early dinner together in hotel to meet group

Day 2: Train to Haldwani. Shopping for ashram clothes and overnight stay.

Day 3: Travel to Haidakhan ashram

Day 4-7: Stay in Haidakhan ashram

In Haidakhan we follow the ashram programme which includes bathing in the crystal clear waters of the river, chanting, pujas (ceremonies) and fire rituals, satsang in the chai shops, etc. Your personal process will almost magically take shape through these activities, presenting you with the situations, people and insights that you need at exactly the right time. 

We will also help the ashram (and ourselves) prepare for Navaratri.

  • Retreat session 1: Lay of the land: We take stock of where you are in your life right now and the deeper purpose of you being on this retreat. You are starting to see through your own obstacles and blocks on the path to your heart’s desires and soul purpose.

Day 8-16: Navaratri in Haidakhan. The ashram programme changes for this special festival.

  • Retreat session 2: We take stock again of where you are now, what you have learnt and what has changed. You get clear on how you want to step forward in your life when you return.

Day 17: Final havan (fire ceremony) and last day in Haidakhan

Day 18: Travel to Delhi

Day 19: Departure home