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To help us lead productive and fulfilling lives, I bring unique insights from my blend of corporate experience, coaching, and teaching breathwork and yoga. For the past twenty years, I have been working with leaders all over the world to help them achieve top performance in a sustainable and purpose-led way.


I work with individuals and organisations who are committed to pursuing their visions, are ready to take their growth to a new level and no longer want to make trade-offs between well-being and maximising their potential. Approaches and modalities I use range from the analytical to the emotional and somatic, and depend on the situation or problem at hand. I am also an Affiliate at leadership development specialists The Cognitas Group and The Exetor Group.

the performance curve

We only have one life. What would make yours a life well lived?


Many of us are striving to reach our full potential at work and beyond - to achieve our goals, rise to challenges and connect well with others. But how can we actively develop our performance, while also taking care of our well-being and life satisfaction? The Performance Curve is a bold new holistic guide that effectively tackles this challenge, providing practical insights into how you can develop your inner operating system (your mindsets, emotions and habits) to sustain a productive and fulfilling life. Rather than telling you what to do, this book allows you to come up with a roadmap that works in your unique circumstances.

The Performance Curve book

Crucially, this book explores not only how you can improve individual performance, but also how to build relationships and cultures that bring out the best in others. By interweaving individual and collective development, this distinctive approach is transformational for building leadership and organisational performance.


The Performance Curve is a powerful combination of neuroscience, psychological research and practical guidance. These concepts are then brought to life through the stories of remarkable individuals from different sectors, including business, the arts, academia and not-for-profits. Vanessa Dietzel and co-author Laura Watkins draw upon their vast experience in leadership development, business performance, neuroscience and holistic well-being to deliver a ground-breaking guide to success and happiness in both work and life.


The Performance Curve is published by Bloomsbury Business. To find out more, visit

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Vanessa is a leadership coach and organisational development consultant, co-author of The Performance Curve, as well as a breathwork therapist and yoga teacher. This unique combination enables her to help her clients achieve top performance in a sustainable and purpose-led wayRead more...